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Intellectual Property Litigation Attorneys

An intelligent approach to intellectual property litigation.

Businesses are built on inspiration, and successful businesses capitalize on their ideas by securing protections and monetizing innovations. When others infringe upon those rights or when others’ protections need to be challenged, businesses need courtroom-tested, technically savvy lawyers to represent them. They need the intellectual property litigation attorneys of Howard & Howard. 

IP Litigation Services

Based in Michigan, Illinois, Nevada, & California, our Intellectual Property Litigation Team represents clients in disputes across the innovation spectrum:

The intellectual property team at Howard & Howard is both deep and broad, comprising an extraordinary combination of attorneys with individual talents and skills, the sum of which makes us a dominant force in this industry.

IP Litigation - Industries Served

Many of our lawyers previously worked in engineering and technology careers, have scientific training, and are admitted to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Our intellectual property litigation & defense teams have served clients in industries including:

From manufacturing to the arts, we speak our clients’ unique languages.

IP Litigation Experience

Our IP litigation team includes seasoned business trial lawyers with decades of experience pursuing and defending clients’ interests nationwide before:

IP Litigation Capabilities & Strategies

Intellectual property disputes and litigation can be costly and time-consuming. We recognize these realities and craft strategies for creatively and economically achieving each client’s particular goals. Before drafting a complaint or filing a response, we analyze the potential risks and opportunities, assess the costs, and develop game plans for courtroom litigation, arbitration and other ADR proceedings, or negotiated settlements.

The adage—“the best defense is a good offense”—rings true in intellectual property law. Our IP attorneys anticipate challenges, disputes, and other threats when first evaluating possible patent, trademark, and copyright protection. Our IP litigators frequently advise on preemptive strategies in the prosecution and registration phases, ensuring that potential risks are addressed early on to mitigate, or even avoid, litigation down the road - even when it comes to artificial intelligence litigation resulting from the use of copyrighted materials. 

Whether your business seeks to maintain its industry dominance or disrupt the marketplace, leveraging intellectual capital is critical to profitability and survival. When outsiders endanger your inventions and innovations, choose the intellectual property litigation team at Howard & Howard to safeguard your ideas.